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Master Sommelier Catherine Fallis is a prolific writer. An author, consulting editor, contributing editor, columnist. Books, magazines, newspapers, travel guides, blogs — in print and online. She is the author of the grape goddess® guides to good living series, including Wine, Champagne & Sparkling Wine, and Erotic Foods, co-creator of the Portable Wine Tour, Contributing Author for Oz Clarke’s Wine Atlas, Opus Vino, 1000 Great Wines for Everyday, and The Global Encyclopedia of Wine, and Contributing Editor and Columnist for The Tasting Panel Magazine, SOMM Journal, Glass of Bubbly and Prime Women.

Selections from her columns can be found in our MAGAZINES ETC section. Even more expert wine reviews and recommendations are posted in our PLANET GRAPE® WINE REVIEW  — be sure to check these out from time to time!

Books by Catherine Fallis, Master Sommelier


Ten Grapes to Know


"With Catherine Fallis’s approach of ‘less is more,’ all you need to begin your wine journey are ten grapes." ―Kevin Zraly

It’s easy (or easier) to become a wine expert when you narrow the field down to ten grapes. For the wine drinker who loves Pinot Noir but doesn’t know what to try next, wants a French Chardonnay but isn’t sure what to look for on the bottle, or needs a little support before they open the wine menu at lunch with a client, Master Sommelier Catherine Fallis’s authoritative but inviting introduction to wine is an indispensable guide.

Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Viognier, Pinot Noir, Sangiovese, Syrah, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Zinfandel make the cut. The book covers the basics of tasting (and why wines taste the way they do), buying, and pairing wine. Fallis gives readers tricks to remember the difference between the côtes of Burgundy, offers dozens of specific recommendations in every price range, provides tips for talking to sommeliers, and shares memorable tasting exercises. This book will help readers build their wine confidence whether they’re looking for an inexpensive bottle for dinner at home or trying to impress the in- laws.

Color illustrations throughout

“If grape names are Greek to you, the wine shopping experience can feel overwhelming and stressful. Catherine Fallis has created a terrific new tool for cracking the wine label code that goes deep on the top ten grapes any wine lover needs to know to feel calm, confident, and in control when cruising the wine aisle, complete with pairing suggestions and recommended brands at every price level.”
- Marnie Old, author of Wine: A Tasting Course



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Portable Wine Tour

The Portable Wine Tour

Front Cover of Portable Wine Tour, by Master Sommelier Catherine Fallis

Indulge your love of wine, and travel to some of the most beautiful places on earth, with The Portable Wine Tour — your complete guide to the world's major vineyards and foremost wine-producing regions.

Comprising 264 cards to help you plan your trip, The Portable Wine Tour provides you with a fund of knowledge before you set off, ensuring many successful journeys.

Catherine Fallis, Chief Consulting Editor; Global Publishing, Sydney; Fall 2006.

available from Amazon

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