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“In my opinion, Catherine Fallis is one of America’s greatest wine experts. Catherine’s knowledge of global wines, specialized service techniques, and cutting edge food pairings has been a catalyst of knowledge for multitudes up-and-coming sommeliers and wine professionals across the nation. Most importantly, Catherine is approachable and personal with everyone she teaches. In essence, much like a fine cellared wine, she’s a special person that is very hard to put a price tag on!”

Christopher Sawyer, journalist, national wine judge, wine consultant and sommelier in residence at Carneros Bistro at The Lodge at Sonoma

"Your wine pairings were the best I’ve had in my life!” 

Robert Redford, at Aqua Restaurant, San Francisco, June 20, 2003

“Catherine is the consummate wine professional. I refer business to her often and am always pleased with the feedback; her stellar credentials are on par with her lovely interpersonal manner.”

Courtney Cochran, Founder, HIP TASTES

“Catherine is a knowledgeable and engaging guide to the world of wine.”

Marnie Old, Author of 'Wine: A Tasting Course' at DK Publishing

“It's hard not to notice a Grape Goddess but over many years I've learned [that Catherine has] an exceptional ability to connect with a wide range of audiences, bringing the sometimes overly complicated world of wine down to an enjoyable level for everyone. This kind of dedicated, working in the trenches approach makes her a valuable asset for the wine community, and I always watch to see what she's up to, since it's likely something I'll want to be part of as well. She's a professional in every sense of the word.”

Jim Caudill, Director, Public Relations & Hospitality at The Hess Collection Winery

“The power of Catherine Fallis lies in her wine tasting palate - so sharp, so precise! - and as we all know in the business, the key to a strong palate is ability to communicate. Words come as easily from Catherine Fallis as honey from the bee. There are a lot of brilliant wine professionals serving in the industry today, but few come as worldly and well spoken as Catherine. Obviously, I am one of her biggest and longtime (over 10 years) fans. But as far as I know, everyone who has worked with her, or for whom she has done work, feels the same!" 

Randal Caparoso, Founding Partner, Roy's Restaurant, June 14, 2002

“Catherine Fallis is a graduate of the Napa Valley Wine Educators Academy and is a certified Napa Valley Rocks presenter. Her knowledge of the Napa Valley combined with her enthusiastic and energetic style make her an excellent candidate to teach any Napa Valley wine education program.”

Patsy McGaughy, Communications Director

“Catherine is one of our key adjunct instructors at the Rudd Center for Professional Wine Studies at the Culinary Institute of America. She is a deeply committed professional with a gift for communicating well.”

Karen MacNeil, President of Karen MacNeil & Company

“Catherine has a special gift for translating the often daunting body of wine knowledge wine into small, easily digestible and highly entertaining sound bites.”

Luiz Alberto TheWineHub, Founder of the #winelover community

“… friendly and knowledgeable … a phenomenal educator and ambassador of wine. Her passion for wine and people is very admirable. She is an extremely valuable member of the world wine community. I would not hesitate to recommend Catherine and her work at Planet Grape. She is truly the Grape Goddess.”

Jim Huston, Division Wine Manager at Youngs Market Company

“Catherine is a consummate wine professional whose knowledge is tremendous.”

Leslie Sbrocco, Owner, LJS Productions and co-founder of Thirsty Girl, Food & Beverages Consultant

“Compelling didactic prowess and exceptional knowledge about wine and wine service, Catherine represents the pinnacle of achievement in the wine world. I recommend and will work with her at the earliest opportunity!”

Matthew Baier, COO at raw engineering

“If there's such a thing as a 100 point wine then I'd give Catherine 100 points for the passion she puts into her writing and communication that inspires oenophiles and novices alike.”

Julie Brosterman, National Default Services at WFG (Consultant) & Founder/CEO Women & Wine

“Education and mentorship are integral to the Court of Master Sommeliers. David Glancy – along with Catherine Fallis and Alan Murray – are extraordinary teachers who are passionate about helping aspiring sommeliers begin the difficult but immensely rewarding journey of becoming a Master Sommelier. All of the candidates who graduate from PCI’s Certified Sommelier Program are well on their way to reaching the pinnacle of our profession, due in no small part to the well-crafted curriculum and dedicated mentorship of these three Masters.”

Fred Dame, MS, July 2011

"Catherine Fallis, a consultant sommelier, is one of the faces leading the changing of the guard. Fallis is vibrant, vivacious, and very smart."

The New York Times

“You are very professional, very knowledgeable, very classy a great presenter with a great sense of humor. The fact you choose the wine to match our food; introduced the wine; and walked about talking to our clients - in short, I guess that I would have to say I loved every thing you did. My expectations were exceeded! And that doesn't happen often. I'm a tough marker.” 

Sharon B. Smith, Director, Underwriting & Claims, Canada Life, Toronto, Ontario, October 20, 2003

“Somehow, Catherine manages to maintain perfect balance: she is an expert in her career, she appeals to my customers at all levels; she is both fun and professional.” 

Christy Flesvig, Regional Marketing Manager, Centocor, California, December 14, 2001

“In 1997, Fallis became only the fifth woman in the world to achieve the title of Master Sommelier. But don't let the lofty title fool you: She's very down-to-earth and a staunch opponent of wine snobbery.” 

Laurie Daniel, San Jose Mercury News, August 2003

“Panache doesn’t begin to describe the sight of Catherine Fallis sabering a bottle of Champagne. She steps forward in a black evening gown sliced thigh-high, her face framed by cool black shades, her chestnut mane sweeping across her milky shoulders. She dons a pair of python-patterned opera gloves. She draws the black-handled saber, inhales and then lifts the Champagne skyward. A few quick strokes of the blade sever the neck and cork from the bottle, and they sail serenely away.” 

Jonathan L. Wright, Reno-Gazette Journal, April 13, 2004

“Catherine is intelligent, very attractive, has a quick wit, and possesses great intrigue.” 

Wilfred Wong, e-Commerce Cellarmaster, Beverages and More, Concord, California, June 10, 2000

“I have known Catherine for twenty years. She was my Wine School Coordinator and Cellar Master at Windows on the World. She has a great personality, has great presentation, has great abilities to work with a variety of people, and does it gracefully. I have a tremendous amount of respect for her.”

Kevin Zraly, President of Wine Services International, New Paltz, NY

“I get two or three calls a day about Catherine. She is just so approachable.” 

Michael Mina, Former Chef and Partner, Aqua Development Corporation, San Francisco, March 20, 2002

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