grape goddess® guides to good living:

Front Cover of Grape Goddess Guides to Good Living, WINE, by Master Sommelier Catherine Fallis

You've obtained a reservation at the top restaurant in town and want the night to be perfect. What do you do?You're going to your in-laws for dinner and want to bring a nice bottle of wine. Which one? You're thinking of starting a wine collection, but you aren't sure where to begin. What do you do? Ask grape goddess. Learn about wine with your very own, very straightforward grape goddess, Catherine Fallis. No boring history lessons ("Yawn") or wine geek speak ("Don't make me send out the Wine Police!") here. Put your palate to the test with Sensual Experience Exercises. Get the inside scoop on getting the best deals. See how Big Macs, candy bars, jelly beans, sex, soda, Norah Jones, Missy Elliott, and even your cat are related to wine appreciation and enjoyment!

According to the New York Times, "Catherine Fallis, a consultant sommelier, is one of the faces leading the changing of the guard. Fallis is vibrant, vivacious, and very smart."

Everyone yearns for la dolce vita, the sweet life. Grape goddess Catherine Fallis demystifies, clarifies, and charts out a course for immediate results-a richer, more visceral, sensually charged daily life.

Catherine Fallis; iUniverse, Inc. New York, Lincoln, Shanghai; December 2004.

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