grape goddess® guides to good living:
Champagne & Sparkling Wine

Front Cover of Grape Goddess Guides to Good Living, Champagnes and Sparkling Wines, by Master Sommelier Catherine FallisPanache doesn't begin to describe the sight of Catherine Fallis sabering a bottle of Champagne. She steps forward in a black evening gown sliced thigh-high, her face framed by cool black shades, her chestnut mane sweeping across her milky shoulders. She dons a pair of python-patterned opera gloves. She draws the black-handled saber, inhales, and then lifts the Champagne skyward. A few quick strokes of the blade sever the neck and cork from the bottle, and they sail serenely away.
Jonathan L. Wright, Reno Gazette-Journal, 13 April 2004

Learn the basics with your very own, very straightforward grape goddess, Catherine Fallis. No boring history lessons ("Yawn") or wine geek speak ("Don't make me send out the Wine Police!") here. Put your palate to the test with Sensual Experience Exercises. Get the inside scoop on getting the best deals. Learn from a pro how to select the best bubbly for two-or for two hundred!

Everyone yearns for la dolce vita, the sweet life. Grape goddess Catherine Fallis demystifies, clarifies, and charts out a course for immediate results-a richer, more visceral, sensually charged daily life.

Catherine Fallis; iUniverse, Inc. New York, Lincoln, Shanghai; December 2004.

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